Thursday, 16 April 2015

5'10" Ocean Magic

Dimensions : 5'10' x 19 3/4" x 2/34" (no dims on board but thereabouts!)
Channel bottom twinnie with small removable centre fin.
Shaped by Nigel Semmens (in 1980s)
All watertight, no added weight and ready to ride.
Loads of volume. Fun. Fun. Fun.
£ 140

5'6" Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto

Dimensions : 5'6" x 19 3/4" x 2 3/8" (28.31L)
Excellent condition. A couple of pressure dents only.
1 tiny ding (see pic with 50p coin) done when cleaning up board !

Comes with Hayden Shapes Future Fins.

Winner of Surfboard of the Year in 2014 and Currently one of the most in demand and best selling surfboards globally, The Hypto Krypto is a balance of tradition and modern performance. Suited to the elite level surfer to the everyday surfer, it is often referred to as the ‘one board quiver’ for its versatility across all types of surf conditions – from small 1-3 ft beach breaks, to barrels of up to 8ft.
It has a high amount of volume under the chest, which enables it to paddle like a dream. It’s designed for surfing on the open face, to draw fast flowing lines.
The outline resembles an old school twin fin in the nose, yet it draws back to a tight rounded pintail. The wider straighter outline up front creates plenty of speed, yet the round pintail allows tight turns in the pocket.
The foil has plenty of volume around the chest and center area of the board, yet it refines out to a thinner, pinched rail to keep the board connected to the wave.
The rocker is flat throughout, although holds a little extra lift in the entry, which helps when taking off late or turning in the steeper sections of the wave. The design of the rocker is focused around speed, to enable surfers to make sections that they don’t normally expect to make.
The concave runs from a rolled vee in the entry to a slight single, blending into a vee double out the tail which gives the board great speed and control from rail to rail.

£ 350

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

9'8" Micah Wood Greaser

Dims are :  9'8 x 17 3/8 x 23 1/4 x 16 3/8 x 3
1 1/2" balsa stringer
Cut laps

Here's what Micah says about the board :
I originally made the Greaser as an old school, traditional pig. Then I came to the conclusion that old school pigs aren't quite my style of surfboard, so I have decided to take this model back to the garage and give it a nice new greasy style. So stay tuned ladies and gents, 'cause this one's gonna be purring like a kittin' real soon!


Friday, 12 September 2014

Fourth Yogi Bear model performance longboard

Fourth Yogi Bear model performance longboard
Shaped by Luke Hart

9'2" x 22 5/8" x 2 7/8"

Mint condition. 6 months old.

No fins included.


Fourth performance longboard

Fourth Performance longboard
Shaped by Luke Hart

9'0" x 22" x 2 5/8"

Grey and yellow resin tint
Some deck compressions and small crease between fins (see pic)
Comes with side bites but no centre fin.


Friday, 21 March 2014

Cord Acid Drop

Cord Acid Drop

8'0" x 22 5/8" x 3"  (says 8'2" on the board but it is a 8'0")

Shaped by the late Chop Lascelles (RIP)
Good condition. Only a couple of little scuffs here and there and one repaired ding.

Cord says :
The ACID DROP design comprises of:

Concave Nose - Vee Bottom Diamond Tail - 50/50 Rails - Single Fin set-up

The Vee bottom is there to help you roll it on to the rail much easier for your ‘hot dogging’ turns and trim. Built with performace in mind, it also has enough length for nose rides and to have plenty of fun in those summer conditions.

Comes with a 9.5" Joel Tudor V Flex fin



Hobie Retro Egg

Hobie Retro Egg

6'8" x 17 1/4" x 20 15/16" x 15 1/2" x 3"

Shaped by the late Mark Neville (RIP)
Triple stringer.
Not sure on age of board but it has a fantastic natural colour.
Usual pressure dents and some repaired dings.
All watertight.
Comes with 8" Greenough 4A fin.